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Click & Discover Everad®: find your gluing solution online! The Everad® Technic’All Center to remotely view your application

-Jan. 2021 — The Covid-19 health crisis has brought severe restrictions on travel between towns, countries and customers. During this period, it has been more difficult to organize meetings, presentations, and product demonstrations at your premises. However, economic activity did not completely stop and it has been essential to be able to respond to your […]

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Everad® presents Everad® Green TAC 3010 Prime : the waterbased single side chlorine free contact adhesive you have been waiting!

— Sept. 2021- We introduced our solvent-free solutions to the market back in the 20th century. A large number of customers worldwide use these products and appreciate their performance and differential benefits. For several years, we have been asked to continue our research to develop adhesives which do not use polychloroprene as a chemical base: […]

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Certification ISO 9001 & 14001 v2015 Our customers are at the centre of our Quality System!

-Jan. 2021 — Everad Adhesives SAS is proud to announce the ISO 9001 v2015, ISO 14001 v2015, OHSAS 18001 v2007 certification of its management system for its adhesive manufacturing, innovative bonding solutions in the cellular foams market, construction, assembly and toll-manufacturing of adhesives activities, on the Marlenheim site, by SOCOTEC Certification. This recognition by an independent third-party body […]

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