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Everad® TAC 5119.1 HS : the cost saver for your productivity!

At Interzum 2023, Everad presented its new glue that allows a revolutinary advance in the manufacture of mattresses with a roller gluer. To increase productivity and allow the immediate packing of mattresses (especially bed in box), mattress manufacturers have changed their process for 10 years by integrating infrared ovens. But the energy crisis is now […]

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Everad Adhesives is now the essential supplier of adhesives for foam in different applications such as mattresses, foam converting, sofas, seats, offices chairs, assembly, etc. Every day, Everad provides new and innovating solutions to many industrial customers. We will exhibit at the next edition from May 9th to 12th, 2023 at the Interzum 2023 exhibition in […]

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  • Valobat
  • French Fab
  • Iso Green
  • Made in France
  • Iso 9001
  • Gev emicode
  • I2M Bordeaux
  • Université de Bordeaux
  • Boat Supplies
  • Textiles vertrauen
  • LNE
  • FSK
  • Ikea
  • FCBA
  • CSTB
  • Bureau Veritas
  • SNPE
  • Satra Technology
  • Eco Umweltinstitut
  • INRS
  • FDA
  • DGA
  • Eco DDS
  • Émission dans l’air intérieur
  • SNCF
  • Serp Bio
  • Oeko TEX Éco Passport
  • TÜV Rheinland
  • Fraunhofer WKI
  • Boeing Airbus
  • IFT Rosenheim
  • Compliant Reach
  • Nordic Ecolabel
  • CE
  • ISO