2024 Everad Social commitment: Support children and nature!

2024 Everad Social commitment: Support children and nature!

2024 Everad Social commitment: Support children and nature!

-Feb. 2024-

As a socially responsible company, Everad supports charities and organizations that provide assistance to disabled, sick or underprivileged people or which protects the environment.

For the year 2024, we have chosen two associations for our contribution:

To help sick children, the “ARAME” association

ARAME (for Association Régionale d’Actions Médicales et sociales pour les Enfants atteints d’affections malignes = Regional Association of Medical and Social Actions for Children with Malignant Conditions) is a charitable association directly based at the Strasbourg hospital. Its main mission is to improve the daily lives of children suffering from cancer and blood diseases.

As medicine is constantly progressing, more and more children are cured, but the treatments they have to endure are always particularly painful, with sometimes very unpleasant side effects. This is where the association intervenes, trying to bring a little joy, lightness and support in this difficult journey.

ARAME’s missions are focused on 3 axes:

Children: toys, department decorations, external speakers, trips, etc.

Families: financial aid for families with modest incomes

The hospital: financing of a nursing position, care equipment, furniture, etc.

To help Nature, the “Alsace Nature” association

Since 1965 the association has campaigned for the protection of nature, the development of biodiversity and environmental awareness in Alsace.

Its slogan: “Wherever nature needs us”.

Missions in the service of nature:

  • Raise public awareness, train and inform on the need to preserve and promote the protection of nature and the environment.
  • Monitor, alert public opinion and intervene daily on all subjects requiring urgent action: pollution, protection of an endangered species, preservation of a remarkable site;
  • Bring together nature protection associations and raise the voice of the movement to public authorities, elected officials, the media and civil society.

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