The bonding of paper, packaging and films is generally considered to be one of the easier technologies. However, some special types of paper, card and film are much more difficult to assemble due to their surface or their composition. We provide solutions to industrial manufacturers on these more complex, demanding applications.

We have, for example, developed glues for laminating card with aluminium foil film for food trays.

Our adhesives are designed for use with all types of applicator: brushes, sprays, scrapers or bead guns.

Everad adhesives offer a host of benefits:
increased productivity, ease of use, efficient glue consumption, high bonding quality, durability, flexibility, strength and lower operating costs.

Our products

Everad® ADL 1030

Water-based low viscosity adhesive for lamination with speed > 100 m/min


Everad® ADL 2065

Water-based high viscosity adhesive for bonding of difficult substrates


Everad® HCE 9702

EVA hot-melt adhesive in cartridges 12, 18 and 43 mm


Everad® HCE 9118

EVA hot-melt adhesive in granulates with fast setting


We have a comprehensive product line comprising a wide range of adhesives. We can also develop a unique bonding solution suited to your specific process.