As formulation specialists, we develop, test and manufacture adhesives for industrial customers looking for a particular product for their own manufacturing, application or innovation process.
This may take the form of an efficient subcontracting arrangement to avoid the costs of insourcing and developing a production line that would not be profitable enough or would be limited to small runs.
We carry out specific research and developments for our customers or use their formula to manufacture small quantities of products in specific packaging.

We offer advice, innovation and quality of service from the initial outlining of your project and a feasibility study through to product implementation.

Our main assets are our responsiveness and flexibility to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Banking on our formulating experience and know-how, we prepare products that comply with very precise mechanical and chemical requirements by using numerous polymers.

Faced with the demand from industrial manufacturers for limited series of water-based and polyurethane adhesives in various types of packaging, we have invested in our production equipment to manufacture and supply these types of products in the requested packaging, ranging from 310 mL cartridges, 600 mL foil pouches, bottles, canisters and pails to 200-litre drums and 1000-litre or kg containers.

Everad can supply water-based and polyurethane adhesives in all sizes of packaging, ranging from cartridges to IBC containers.

Our know-how also includes:

  • Information on and research into the packaging and products suited to your needs
  • Pack graphics with custom printing or labelling
  • Purchase, procurement and management of the stocks of components required for packaging

The formulation characteristics are checked by laboratory tests and trials as well as process and packaging tests.
Our entire industrial complex meets all European environmental and safety standards.

Everad observes the rules governing professional ethics, inside and outside the company, ensuring the confidentiality of its business relations with its partners.

We have a comprehensive product line comprising a wide range of adhesives. We can also develop a unique bonding solution suited to your specific process.