Sandwich and honeycomb panels

In recent years, we have invested heavily in the development of glues for the production of sandwich panels and lightweight building boards. The manufacture of these panels and boards for transport and construction meets stringent requirements as a number of cores are combined with various facings depending on the ultimate use of the boards.

Our glues combine high cohesion, stability and durability. Everad glues are used in the manufacture of sandwich panels, front filler panels, door panels, roof panels, end panels, clean room panels, facing and cladding panels, elevator panels, partitions and flooring systems, refrigerated vehicles, motor homes, caravans, etc.

Our adhesives are designed for use with all types of applicator: sprays, rollers, bead guns, slot dies, etc.

Everad adhesives offer a host of benefits: increased productivity, ease of use, efficient glue consumption, reduced investment, quality bonding, durability, lower operating costs, marine certification.

Our products

Everad® RPM 2639.2

1 component PUR adhesive


Everad RPM 2539.4

Technical PUR adhesive for insulating pannels


Everad® RPM 2638

Verstatile 1 component PUR adhesive


Everad® RPM VP 1720.0

High performing 1 component PUR adhesive


Everad® RPM 2051/3

Ultra fast 1 component Pur adhesive


Everad® RPB 2620 A + B

Versatile 2 component PUR adhesive


Everad® TAC 2645 A+B

2C polyurethane glue for difficult substrates


Everad® RPB 2632 A + B

Foaming 2 component PUR adhesive


Everad® RPB 2633 A+B

Technical 2 component PUR adhesive for Euroclass A2 bonding


Everad® RPB 2640 A + B

High performing 2 component PUR adhesive in peeler cartridges ("1 component cartridge")


Everad® RSM 8011.1

Highly elastic, spreadable 1 component MS silane adhesive


Everad® HRP 4028

PUR hotmel glue with high cohesion


Everad® HRP 4031 LME

PUR hotmelt glue with high cohesion and monomer low cohesion


Everad® SBE 4213

Sprayable solvent-based contact adhesive


Everad® RSM 8866 High Tack

High Tack – High stable mounting adhesive with very high tack


We have a comprehensive product line comprising a wide range of adhesives. We can also develop a unique bonding solution suited to your specific process.