Our commitments

Everad : our vision

Through our products and services, we aim to fulfil our vision of implementing multi-technological cooperation for the purpose of industrial bonding projects.


Everad : our mission

To provide the best solution to our customers’ bonding needs, we cooperate closely with them at every stage of product development to create a common added value.


Everad : our values

Our business is guided by five values that illustrate the way in which our employees think and act:

  • Flexibility : we are attentive to our current and prospective customers’ requirements and tailor our know-how to offer specifically optimised solutions
  • Expertise : as multi-technology bonding specialists, we call on our expertise to guarantee outstanding products and solutions
  • Commitment : as a company, we are passionate about what we do. This day-to-day commitment is conveyed in our total dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Cooperation : we base our approach on close cooperation with customers from day one, to forge a partnership built on constructive exchanges
  • Trust : all our business relations are founded on mutual trust and respect -prerequisites of our commitment.

Everad : social commitment

We are a key figure in our society and, in this respect, we are aware of our action and play a part in its evolution.
We work on developing this role, both inside and outside the company.

Inside the company, our Corporate Social Responsibility covers three values: human aspects, the environment and performance.

Our company’s success hinges on our staff’s commitment and work. Encouraged by working in the right environment, our skilled, motivated staff work hard to help us to achieve the results that ensure our sustainability.

Outside the company, we support charities or organisations providing assistance to the disabled or underprivileged.

Environmental charter

As a producer of industrial glues, Everad integrates the notions of the environment and sustainable development into its products at the design stage.

For this reason, we are respectful of energy, waste and water management. We are also mindful of the quality of life that our products will bring to the operators who use them, as well as the quality of life of the end users of our customers’ products.

This is what we call Everad ECO Design.