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Everad also specialises in complex assemblies. As a multi-technology bonding specialist, our commercial and development teams focus on bonds reputed for their complexity or difficulty.

This is the case of the highly challenging assemblies encountered in the field of transport, certain paper/cardboard/film laminate applications and technical textiles. These assemblies generally have high added value and have, over time, become increasingly complex as manufacturers look to join materials that, on the face of it, cannot be readily bonded to each other.

Bond requirements will depend on the process and the final application. Everad adhesives fulfil these conditions perfectly. Some specific solvent-based glues make a reliable, durable neoprene-to-neoprene joint. With Everad’s multilayer films, industrial manufacturers can now join materials that, on the face of it, appear incompatible.

Characteristics or application conditions can be precisely adjusted to exact requirements. Everad’s skilled technicians bring you innovative solutions.

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To meet the growth in transport, Everad has developed bonding solutions for road, rail, air and sea transport.



Everad specialises in high value-added applications involving complexities in terms of the process involved or the materials joined.

We have a comprehensive product line comprising a wide range of adhesives. We can also develop a unique bonding solution suited to your specific process.