Wood assemblies

For 40 years, Everad adhesives have been used in woodwork for butt joints, scarf joints, veneers, laminates, solid wood boards, prefabricated components and furniture.

Our adhesives are designed for use with all types of applicator: sprays, rollers, bead guns, slot dies, etc.

Everad adhesives offer a host of benefits: increased productivity, ease of use, efficient glue consumption, reduced investment, quality bonding, durability and lower operating costs.

Our products

Everad® ADW 2140.1

1C PVAc adhesive, water-resistant D3, D4 with Everad ADU 910 (according EN 204 standard) and heat resistant according Watt 91 > 7N/mm²


Everad® ABM 36.1

Vinylic D3-D4 - Watt 91 with high cohesion


Everad® ABM 21.1

1C PVAc adhesive, versatile, D2


Everad® RPM 2654

PUR adhesive with very high cohesion and long open time


Everad® RPM 2643

1 component PUR adhesive with high cohesion, in cartridges


Everad® RPM 2600

1 component PUR adhesive with long open time and high cohesion


Everad® RPM 2604

1 component PUR adhesive with medium open time and high cohesion


Everad® HKE 1953.1

Hot-melt adhesive for edge banding, automatic machines


Everad® HKE 1956.1

Hot-melt adhesive for edge banding, slow or manual machines


Everad® HRP 4028

PUR hotmel glue with high cohesion


Everad® HRP 4031 LME

PUR hotmelt glue with high cohesion and monomer low cohesion


Everad® SBE 3333

Solvent-based liquid contact adhesive


Everad® SBE 3340

Solvent-based gel contact adhesive


Everad® SBE 4304

Solventbased contact adhesive for lamination


Everad® SBE 3419.1

High performing sprayable solvent-based adhesive


Everad® TAC 6005.0

Everad® launches Everad® TAC 6005.0 solvent-free neoprene contact adhesive for an ultra-high performance, people- and environment-friendly bond


We have a comprehensive product line comprising a wide range of adhesives. We can also develop a unique bonding solution suited to your specific process.