Adhesive films and webs

Adhesive films are produced by placing the ingredients (especially polymers and additives in pellet form) in an extruder where they are melted, homogenised and extracted by the extruder screw. The resulting melt is then spread out in the extrusion die. A film of the required thickness is produced by extruding the melt with a slot die for flat film, or an annular die for blown film, and then cooling.

The films can also be slit. Slits approximately 4 to 8 mm in length are cut in the film to make it softer and air permeable, and also shrink the film by heat transfer when the slits open up.

Opening of slit film

Example of processing


  • Clean, rational, ecological processing
  • Slit films are air permeable, have a softer feel and are easier to process
  • They are reactivated by heat and pressure
  • Bonded joints can be separated again by heat
  • Long-term storage possible
  • Variable width and thickness
  • Effective sealing, protection and barrier function
  • Uniform application of adhesive
  • Simple, economic handling
  • No waste
  • Suitable for large surface areas
  • No toxicological risk for operators
  • No contaminants given off during processing
  • Odour-free
  • Multilayer films can be produced to bond incompatible materials.


  • Lamination of soft foam with other materials
  • Bonding of textiles to leather or foam
  • All types of honeycomb to multiple facings
  • Seam sealing

We have a comprehensive product line comprising a wide range of adhesives. We can also develop a unique bonding solution suited to your specific process.

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